Ben Simon is a German photographer living in Iceland.  Made in 1987. Before his creative career he was a high performance athlete in his younger years and worked mainly in tourism in Austria and Iceland.

Photography has been his main profession for over a year now and his clients include prestigious brands such as Olympus, Jeep, Einstök, The North Face, Sigma and many more.  He specialised in landscapes of the arctic and hostile regions of our planet, as well  as wildlife photography. He regularly visits the African continent as a contrast to the north.  In addition, he is a passionate off-road driver and has spent years expanding his knowledge and experience in the harsh Icelandic climate. With his community, he has been sharing his adventures and expeditions for more than 2 years and can speak convincingly about a travel affine, authentic target group.

“I visualise landscapes, humans and merchandise in a unique way with the objective to let your images shine out. I also want to spread awareness throughout my work about environmental issues and mankind impact on our planet and wildlife.”

For image licensing use the contact here or just write me: ben.rehn@googlemail.com


Brands I worked for.